How Is Flavored Whiskey Made?

Posted on: 12 January 2023


Whiskey comes in a variety of forms. It includes Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, bourbon, and rye. All of these whiskeys have their own distinctive flavor profiles. Even though they are all made in the same general manner, the flavor will be different between a Scotch whisky and a Tennessee whiskey. On top of their flavor profiles, different flavorings can be added to the whiskeys. For example, you can end up with cinnamon-flavored whiskey, apple pie–flavored whiskey, and beaver butt–flavored whiskey. There are different ways that whiskey can get various flavors.


The way that each whiskey gets its distinctive flavor profile is because of the specific ingredients that are used in it. That starts with the water that is used as well as the grains, sugars, and any additives. A whiskey company might contract with a specific farmer or cooperative for the exact type of grain that the distillery uses to make its whiskey. Changing to a different strain of grain could affect how the whiskey tastes. If a distillery wants to experiment with adding flavoring to the whiskeys, they can start at this stage by putting in different additives so that they will get a different flavor at the end. For example, a whiskey company might add maple syrup to the mash instead of regular sugar to get that flavor to their end product.


Another way to get flavored whiskey is to infuse the whiskey with a flavor. The way this works is that the whiskey gets distilled and aged. At the end of the aging process, the whiskey would generally be bottled and ready to be sold. However, whiskey that will be infused will go through a different approach. That process involves putting things into the whiskey that add flavoring and letting the whiskey soak the flavoring in. For example, someone who wanted to make a peach-flavored whiskey could fill up barrels with peaches and then pour the whiskey into the peaches. Letting the whiskey sit and absorb the flavor of the peaches until it tastes right will let a person end up with peach whiskey. How long that takes depends on the amount of whiskey being made, the infusion ingredients, and the strength of taste that is the goal.

Ever since humanity discovered alcohol, they have experimented with different tastes and different flavors. Flavored whiskeys are just another part of that grand experiment. Several distilleries have made several kinds of flavored whiskeys, so anyone can find something they will like. Contact a professional to learn more about flavored whiskey